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Tom Brady: The seven Super Bowls,come-from-behind victories, and incredible throws all combined to make up the mystique of Brady. Today we are going to focus on the five greatest throws from the legendary quarterback. During his tenure with the Patriots, It was hard to resist . A few months ago, Tom Brady sat on the beach and announced he was retiring from football “for good” this time.

That announcement brought about so many memories for fans that have had the opportunity to witness the greatest football player of all time compete on Sundays for the last 23 years. The urge of making this list longer is because Tom Brady has so many highlight-worthy throws over the course of his career that could have easily made the cut.

But it clearly isn’t as fun without a little challenge involved, and it was very challenging narrowing the list down to just five plays. Tom Brady’s dime of a throw to Danny Amendola in overtime of Super Bowl LI gets an honorable mention.

Number 5-Super Bowl LIII: Perfect throw against the vaunted Rams defense

If you were not a defensive person, you might consider Super Bowl LIII one of the most boring Super Bowls ever. The first touchdown wasn’t scored until later in the fourth quarter, and it was set up by this beautiful pass from Brady to tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Brady got too many bites at the apple, and he eventually made the Los Angeles Rams’ vaunted defense pay for it with a perfectly placed ball through multiple defenders. We’ve seen it time and time again with quite possibly the greatest quarterback and tight end duo of all time. And this time, they got the job done on the biggest stage in sports.

Number 4- 2003 season: Walk-off touchdown in overtime against the Miami Dolphins

The walk-off touchdown pass in overtime to Troy Brown back in the 2023 season is hard to top. Brady took his time surveying the field from the pocket before stepping up and delivering an 82-yard knockout punch to the Dolphins at Miami. Tom Brady admitted this was his favorite Brady play.

Number 3- Super Bowl XXXVI : Brady’s first Super Bowl touchdown throw

It is the first Super Bowl Touchdown throw by Tom Brady with his corner-of-the-endzone dart to the late, great David Patten. On paper, the Patriots didn’t have a prayer of surviving against “The Greatest Show on Turf”.And yet, their defense held its own against one of the all-time great NFL offenses, while a young Brady stepped up and made some big throws in the Super Bowl. In many ways, this was the game where the legend of Brady was born. His ability to step into the fire with the utmost confidence against a Rams team led by a Hall-of-Fame quarterback is one of the great moments in Patriot lore.

Number 2-2007 season: Tom Brady to Moss connection to stay perfect

People tend the forget the New York Giants nearly ruined the Patriots’ perfect season before the dreaded Super Bowl XLII. New England trailed in the fourth quarter of their regular season finale road game against the Giants when Brady took the top off the defense with a touchdown bomb to Randy Moss.

What makes this throw even more impressive is the fact that Brady knew he was about to absorb a big hit in the pocket before releasing the ball. It was the play that saved the Patriot’s perfect regular season run and kept them as the only team in NFL history to ever finish with a 16-0 record.

Number 1- 2015 AFC Championship :

Game-saving throw to Rob Gronkowski The Patriots weren’t able to knock off the Denver Broncos in this game, but this ridiculous fourth-down throw from Brady kept them in it late. There are a number of throws that could have been put in this spot, but on this list, this throw to Gronkowski goes down as the best of Brady’s career.

It was a perfect lob over the top of a Broncos secondary that was so good it was dubbed the “No Fly Zone” on the field. Yet, Brady was finally able to crack them in the clutch and nearly lead the Patriots to a comeback win over Peyton Manning and company. The degree of difficulty for a throw like this one is out of this world, but then again, Brady made them routinely in the biggest moments on the field.

The Legendary Journey of Tom Brady: An Iconic NFL Quarterback

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